Dee Charles Designs

When you see a Dee Charles Designs product, think:


Every item we sell represents our efforts to make exceptional quality products. We commit to stand by any product we sell for craftsmanship defects. Each piece of leather hide we use in our products, is hand selected for its durability, strength, color, and integrity. Our goal is to protect your important artifacts.


We pride ourselves on producing unique, well-crafted leather products, that are meant to protect and enhance your fine writing instruments, journals, and notebooks. Although we live in an ever increasing digital age, the written word preserved on paper can tell a story that will continue to be told for generations.  We have designed each product to enhance your own story, combining creativity and functionality that will promote your enjoyment of the written word.


We are absolutely committed to each of you. We stand by our products and are committed to give you extraordinary customer service with a quick response time to answer your every question and concern.